Do You Consider Yourself a Champion?

I always wondered how “regular” folks could accomplish such amazing things.

People like Michel Jordan, Richard Branson, and Olympic athletes—people who overcame odds and risked much to become leaders and world-changers.

I used to think it was because they were born with something special—they had an extra special dose of magic that gave them the edge and made them stand out from the crowd. And we regular folks didn’t have that magic so we would never accomplish such amazing feats.

I mean, we may have accomplished some cool things in our lives like landed a raise, got married or birthed a child. These are great accomplishments, but the kind of people I am referring to were a different type of special and we weren’t like them.

They accomplished feats that made them wealthy and affluent. They lived the life I always dreamed of, but somehow I knew deep down I would never be like them. And sadly, I swallowed it and I was okay with it…or was I…

I Didn’t Want to Be Like Them

They had something I didn’t.

But, in a weird way, realizing this gave me comfort. I was off the hook. I didn’t need to aspire to do anything great because I wasn’t one of the “called” ones who had the magic.

Boy, was I wrong. We are all wrong.

It wasn’t until I entered my 3rd, and most recently my 4th decade of life that I started to notice something.

I noticed a small urge from the deepest parts of me calling me to come up higher and leave the mundane. It was small at first and I disregarded it. But, over time, the urge started to speak and its voice grew louder, until I couldn’t resist it anymore.

Could this be the “magic?” Am I someone who was born with it too?

If so, it didn’t feel like I had imagined it.

It felt uncomfortable, strange and humbling. It wasn’t about being popular or basking in the limelight like I thought. It had nothing to do with being praised from peers, getting approval or making millions of dollars. It had none of the glitz and glamour that I thought accompanied it.

In fact, it felt downright horrible.

The more that voice grew louder, the hidden weaknesses and fears I buried deep down as a child started to scream loud as well.

What I hadn’t realized is that, while I was burying my fears into the depths of my soul to avoid them, I was also burying my greatness.

Was I willing to face what I had buried to also uncover the greatness that was there?

I was.

Actually, I had no choice. My health was deteriorating and it was in large part due to my unwillingness to face my demons. Once I was willing to face what I had shunned for so many years, I would be ready to realize my potential.

…the heart of a champion was born.

Are You A Champion?

Never give up…Never give up…Never give up

A champion is someone who tears down obstacles and strives for success at all costs. A champion sees obstacles as opportunities, not dead ends.

Champions are not afraid to reveal their weaknesses, They never feel superior to others and even when they are down, they muster up enough motivation to keep moving forward.

You might be thinking to yourself, “I don’t feel that way; therefore, I am not a champion.”

Join the club. I am right there with you. No one was “less of a champion” than I was. I grew up afraid of everyone, even my own shadow, and spent the first 35 years of my life behind a prison of fear.

Trust me, you are a champion. Your greatness is just hidden and you might have been the one who buried it.

Successful people are no different than you. They were not born with some special superpowers. Sure, a good upbringing may have helped, but I know countless people with horrible childhoods who still accomplished great things.

The truth is that the heart of a champion is made. It starts with your decision to beat the s%&* out of whatever you put your mind to.

You are not a victim. You are not a second-hand citizen. And regardless of your background, education and current status, you are a champion even if you do not believe it.

Now, I am not saying that I feel like a champion every day of my life. It was a struggle and I am still walking this thing out. And I am sure even people like Richard Branson need to do some inner work and positive self-talk regularly to stay in the right spirit.

We all fail. We all struggle. We all fear. But, deep down, no matter how deep it is, there is a still small voice calling you to come up higher. It’s there, you just have to listen to it.

When you hear it, you then need to allow it to get louder. But, it will only get louder if you feed it. You feed it by agreeing with it.

AGREE With Your Inner Champion

Verbal affirmations are one of the most powerful tools I have used to overcome negative self-talk.

If you can get in the habit of verbally speaking what you desire, even if you don’t believe it, your mind will start to agree. It has to.

You were born with the authority to shape your world with your voice. That is your magic.

Every day and night, spend at least 10-15 seconds saying out loud, “I am a champion.” Bonus points if you can do it while looking in the mirror.

If you are dealing with some issues in your life, think about it in terms of what you are dealing with, and say it over those issues, feeling more and more empowered every time you say it.

Reflect on times in your life when you had to embrace the heart of a champion, such as having children, being a good parent, working two jobs to provide for your family. Remember those accomplishments because they reveal your champion nature.

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Here’s the kicker…

If you dedicate yourself daily to unlocking your greatness, you are exercising being a champion just by doing this exercise. You are defying the odds, reclaiming your negative-speaking mind and taking control of your life. That, my friend, is what being a champion is all about.

Will you join me in unlocking our greatness?

If I can do this, so can you.

Beat the crap out of your life and take no prisoners. You are great and nothing anyone says can change that.

Let’s make it happen together.


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