3 Reasons Why a Failing Marriage Can Help Your Agency Blog Win More Business

I’ve been in a successful marriage for 15 years. I can finally say that I understand exactly how and why marriages fail.

A few years ago, my marriage was “on the rocks.” My husband and I went through a real rough spot and it took a lot of time and dedication to get our relationship back on track.

This morning, as I was thinking back to the problems we were facing. I recognized similarities to the struggles I see agencies face with their blogs.

Blogging successfully is kind of like working hard at a marriage. What you put in is exactly what you get out.

And if you don’t put in enough time and dedication, the relationship can start to go sour– and fast.

Though many B2B agencies spend a LOT of time and money on blogging, they are not acquiring enough leads nor attracting nearly enough business as they could be with their blogs.

If you work with an agency and you want to attract more business with your blog, you can learn exactly how to do this by studying how marriages succeed and fail.

Sound strange? Just stay with me here…

  1. Do You LOVE Your Blog Readers?


kitten kissing white swiss shepherd`s puppy on green grass.

            Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen?

Okay, I’m not going to get all “kumbaya” on you here, but this is an important point.

I don’t expect you to send heart candies and love letters to your blog audience (Actually, that could be a cute idea!). But, I do expect you to love them.

Let me explain…

When you love someone, you want them to be happy, fulfilled, and content, and you want them to love you back. Doing so will keep relationships strong.

On a much more platonic level, isn’t that what you want from your potential clients? The people who read your agency blog?

Do you deeply care about your audience’s well-being (i.e. love them)? If you don’t, start now.

This mental attitude shift alone–caring about your readers and the people who took time to read your content–will show in your blog content, and as a result, over time you will notice a positive change.

Focus on your audience’s needs first with your blog, and you will get back what you want. People will become more connected and endeared to your content. This results in them wanting to work with you because they “feel the love.”

Let’s dive into this in more detail…

  1. Get Intimate

The best marriages know how important intimacy is to a strong relationship. Failed marriages lack this dynamic.

The best marketing agencies know how to intimately research their audience, “make love to” and please their potential clients with their blog. I know it sounds weird, but bear with me here…

Your blog should be a place where your content is ALL about your audience. Your blog is an educational platform, and where you should be “putting out” again and again.

And I’m not talking about just any ol’ educational content. Target your blog content to the EXACT needs of your audience.

My husband knows exactly what makes me tick, what my dysfunctions are, my hot buttons, what makes me cry and what makes me laugh. He tries to keep me happy and helps me with the issues that make me sad. He knows me inside and out. This is intimacy in its purest form.

Do you know your audience/readers intimately?

What are their deepest issues?
What makes them sad?
What makes them mad?
What are their objections?
What are their desires?

If you don’t know your audience well enough to answer these questions, then you have some research to do.

  1. Lip Service Sucks

I have to admit something: I’m not the best communicator. When I am upset at my husband, sometimes I run away like a cat with a clothespin on its tail.

I’m also not big on small talk. Yet my husband can talk my ear off for hours. And sometimes when he tries to talk to me, I pretend I am listening, but I usually give him lip service instead. I recently got busted for this too!

In blogging, lip service is similar to what we call “fluff.”

It’s when you know you have to blog for your agency, so you scour the web for a quick topic related to your industry, whip up at least 500 words (because that’s enough to get a thousand shares, right?), slap in a few keywords to please “almighty” Google, make the title as click-bait-y as you can, and then throw it on the blog to fulfill your weekly quota.

This is fluff.

You know it.
Google knows it.
And your audience knows it.

I’m not fooling my husband. And you aren’t fooling anyone either.

When you love someone, your communication is heartfelt, productive, connecting, and meaningful.

This communication helps the relationship grow, and your spouse’s love grows as well.

Let your audience feel the love, concern and connection in your blog content. I promise they will reciprocate.

If you invested the same amount of time it took you to throw up three “fluffy” blogs, and did a little research, changed your mental mindset on the purpose behind your blog and created one targeted, useful, “connected” post…that one post would have more impact than the three others.

screaming audience concert

Do your blog readers feel like this about you? If not, spread some love!

Go Spread Some Love

Don’t be like a failed marriage. Be that agency that goes the extra mile and delights its audience.

Be intimate and make love to them.

Watch the difference it makes.

Oh, and I love you too. 🙂


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