How to Make Your Online Business a Competitive Threat

hands holding placard with be true to who you are on city backgroundA “Unique” Brand is a Successful Brand

When we were teenagers, we avoided anything that made us stand out from the crowd.

Peer pressure lurked around every gray-walled, clique-infiltrating high school hallway and we did everything we could to “blend in” and be just like everyone else—well the cool, popular kids anyways.

Being “unique” meant you were one of “those” kids—you know, the ones who played chess, built model airplanes and didn’t mesh with the party-crashing, jock-ridden “in-crowd.”

As adolescents, we would do anything to fit in…to be just like everyone else. Peer pressure made us do crazy things, all in the name of social acceptance.

It’s funny how we grow up and see things differently…

Or do we?

Uniqueness is an uncomfortable word. I mean who wants to stick out like a sore thumb?

When you put yourself out there, you have a greater chance of experiencing rejection, disapproval and feelings of shame and abandonment.

Fun, right? NOT.

The stark truth is that if you want to become an online business brand that sits atop the competition, you must say goodbye to “fitting in.”

Every great leader challenged the ideology of their day. overcame feelings of discomfort and created a movement, even in the midst of naysayers—Martin Luther King Jr., Albert Einstein, and countless others offered their unique contributions to society.

Your business may not involve the next quantum physics discovery, but you still must be unique to stand out.

So how do you become unique in a sea of wannabes and copycats?

Whether you are branding yourself personally or you are branding your company, to become a thought leader, you must determine how you are different. Your uniqueness attracts the people who will want to buy what you are selling.

Connecting with your customers is paramount to experiencing success with your online business. And true, lasting, brand-building connection is only possible when you can find yourself, and channel that through your brand.

How do you become unique?

Well first, you need to know what makes YOU unique!

What makes YOU unique?

If you cannot answer this question confidently, here is a simple exercise that may help:

1. Ask your friends/family to write down five traits they adore about you

2. Think about your hobbies and what you like to do.  Are you more likely to sit down in front of a fire and read a good book? Or would you rather jump off a steep cliff into the ocean? This exercise will give you a little insight into your unique personality.

3. What do you like to do in your spare time?

4. If you could sum up your personality in five words, what would they be?

Spend some time thinking about your answers and how you can incorporate these traits into your business. Write down whatever comes to your mind and don’t stop until your mind is blank. Don’t discount any idea throughout the process, regardless of how silly it sounds.

Once you have a better idea of your unique personality, inspire your online content with it and see how you do.

If you create videos, pause before each video, channel your essence and be exactly who YOU are. If you find yourself “acting” you may not be completely connected with yourself. This may take some practice but I promise if you spend some time, the small changes you make will equate to big changes to your bottom line.

The same principles apply to your online written content, whether via blogs, social media or any other form or communication. Stop before you write and make sure you are exhibiting your unique sense of identity and being “yourself.”

In the competitive online world, it’s IMPERATIVE that you find a unique angle for your business. And the only way you can do that is by injecting your unique personality into it. When you do, your business will be unlike anyone else because contrary to what you may think, there is only one YOU in the world!

Forget about those teenage memories of cliques, labels and rejection. The world needs YOU and the amazing powerful person YOU are. Own it and go for it!


Owner at Lady Content
Jenna is the owner of Lady Content, a unique content creation company. Lady Content services B2B companies around the world, ensuring their online presence exceeds their company goals and positively impacts the audiences they serve.
  1. Excellent article Jenna. I really enjoyed that and it speaks volumes of truth for the internet entrepreneur.

    Even though branding, being unique, and getting outside of our comfort zones can be quite the obstacle for people (have to look at and work on myself with this a lot ongoing as well) it’s clearly a necessity for any business to start implementing ASAP.

    One great thing about the crap and noise starting to settle a little bit for online business owners, is that we are entering a “true” empathy driven economy..and it’s wide open for anybody who knows who they are, and want to offer. Your very own style of empathy and understanding can really shine through and connect with people..and that can only be unique to YOU..

    So from that end, it’s a real plus. Great read Jenna…thanx!


    • Thanks Davin,

      Great insight. I agree with you about empathy making its way in this business. With all of the spammy marketers turning so many people off, it makes it easier for honest business owners to carve a niche.

      Thanks for reading and for your comment!


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