Why Lady Content

Hi, Jenna here, Owner and CEO of Lady Content..

Let me get really transparent with you because you deserve that…

I’ve been on the giving and receiving end of freelance writing. Ten years ago, I was on the receiving end as a freelance writer looking for jobs and trying to land gigs.

A few years later, I graduated to spearheading the full-scale management and execution of 7-figure product launches in the Internet marketing space and handling the hiring and firing of multiple content creators from copywriters to video editors to everything in between.

Today, I manage the Foundr blog, a global brand of 1.5 million social followers and community members, and every piece of content that gets published on that blog must meet my quality standards. I do the same with my company, Lady Content.

The sad truth is that about 80-90% of the freelancers I have interviewed and hired over the years are not up to the standard I expect for excellence. There are a lot of great professional bloggers out there, good-hearted and well-meaning, but that wasn’t enough for me, and it didn’t result in excellent, authentic content.

Does this sound familiar?

You find…

  • Great writers but…they can’t meet a deadline.
  • They meet deadlines but…they lose communication with you halfway through the project.
  • They communicate with you but…all of a sudden their cat, chicken, fish and dog all got run over by a car and they can’t focus on your project because they are too sad.
  • Or maybe they meet deadlines, communicate and can write well but… they don’t understand how to speak to YOUR specific audience and they don’t have expertise in your industry.

Trust me, I’ve been there. And that’s why I am here.

Here at Lady Content, we have a 5-tier approach when working with you…

Human Connection

Reliability means never missing deadlines and treating the client-contractor relationship as precious and worthwhile

Communication means neither the contractor nor the client ever wonders where a project is at and what is going on. You are never in the dark and our door is always open.

Transparency means if we can’t take on a project because we are at capacity, you will know about it. We are NOT money hungry. We are SUCCESS hungry. And if we can’t take on a project because we won’t be able to execute it with excellence, we will communicate that to you.

Expertise means that we are great professional bloggers and writers and we don’t mess around. Your business deserves a specialist, not someone who researches Wikipedia and blogs, and whips up the same content everyone else is writing about. We work with subject-matter experts who know how to write captivating, authentic, brand-focused blog content. No fluff allowed.

Human Connection means we strive to connect with your audience. We aren’t just content creators; we are your content partners. We become an integral part of your team and we work to embody the essence, voice and message of your brand.

The bottom line is I’ve been there. I know what you need and I know what you want in content creators.

I built Lady Content to be the professional blogging team I always wanted to hire. We cater to small to mid-sized businesses who need professional, lead-generating, authentic content. I am at your service ready to partner with you.

Contact us for a free consultation to find out how we can partner with you to make your blog content kick ass and a revenue generator. Let’s make it happen together.

Skype: jenna.scaglione
Website: http://ladycontent.com
Email: jenna@ladycontent.com